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Every donation to Medical Missionaries, no matter how small, will have a dramatic impact on improving the lives of the poor that we help in the U.S. and around the world.

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The Medicines for Life Program supports the Clinic's Laboratory and Pharmacy programs which are vital to improving the health of the POOREST of the POOR.

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FOOD FOR LIFE PROGRAM  (Suggested Donation:  $100 USD)
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The Food for Life Program supports the school food and the Medika Mamba programs to improve the lives of children in Haiti.  For example, a $100 donation will be enough to restore one severely malnourished child to health with Medika Mamba nutritional supplements.  Your generous donation to this program will help support the healthy growth and development of the POOREST of the POOR, giving them a fighting chance at life. 

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FORTIFIED SALT PROGRAM (Suggested Donation:  $20 USD)
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Support Medical Missionaries' Salt Program!  Salt fortified with iodine is essential to warding off many preventable diseases.  Haiti is one of the few countries left in the world which does not have iodine-fortified salt.  A suggested donation of $20 will supply a family with enough co-fortified salf for one year.  Your generous donation to this program will help to prevent diseases such as lymphatic filariasis, goiter, and developmental delays in infants and children. 

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Drinking contaminated water is a major cause of disease in Thomassique, especially among the very young (under age 5) and the very old.  Help Medical Missionaries secure pure drinking water for the POOREST of the POOR today!  

  You Can Help Medical Missionaries: Donate now to support our clinic or health related projects;  Form a Medical Missionaries Chapter in your area;  Volunteer to help in the U.S. or abroad.

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